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'The #1 Rated Blood Sugar Formula' 

Amiclear is a dietary supplement designed to effectively maintain healthy levels of glucose and support natural weight loss.

Amiclear is unlike any other blood sugar supplement. It has already assisted thousands of people in normalizing their blood sugar levels and shedding unwanted pounds.

What is Amiclear?

For those who have diabetes, managing blood sugar levels can be an incredibly difficult and important task. Despite best efforts, the majority of diabetic patients are unable to produce sufficient insulin to sustain healthy glucose levels, which can then worsen as a result of certain factors like obesity and medications that weaken immunity or cause insulin resistance. With supplements like Amiclear, it is possible to better regulate glucose levels in order to keep severe health complications at bay.

Amiclear is a revolutionary new liquid supplement that aims to restore balance to your blood sugar levels and help you reach or maintain a healthy weight. Its unique blend of all-natural herbs and plants contain 24 different active ingredients which its manufacturer claims can drastically lower blood sugar levels while staying gentle on your body. If you’re looking for an effective way to keep your blood sugar in check, Amiclear might be just the thing for you.

Amiclear has helped thousands of people to lower blood levels and lose weight. The supplement is ideal for adults of all ages. It has proven a safe formula unlikely to give you any health concerns making it the perfect solution for all diabetic and prediabetic patients.

This dietary formula helps maintain a healthy level of blood sugar condition within a matter of days. The added ingredients in this formula are purely sourced from nature’s extract, which won’t cause any side effects.

Jeffrey Mitchell is the brains behind this revolutionary formula. According to him, many individuals who struggle with blood sugar difficulties have experimented with many different items in the past, and many of those products were unsuccessful. Amiclear is not like other blood sugar supplements in that regard. It has already assisted thousands of people in normalizing their blood sugar levels and shedding unwanted pounds.

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How Does Amiclear Work?

When the body is functioning properly, it will produce the hormone insulin to help maintain a stable blood sugar level. Unfortunately, many people do not have this process running as efficiently as it should, causing them to suffer from imbalances in their blood sugar levels.

However, Amiclear offers an effective solution to promote healthy blood sugar levels in these very individuals. Containing a perfect combination of ingredients, Amiclear provides an easy way for people to keep their blood sugar levels balanced with relatively little effort on their part. It takes only one dose per day and comes with the assurance that your health will benefit from its use helping you lead an active lifestyle free of complications associated with unbalanced blood sugars.

It acts on the body in the following ways to regulate blood sugar levels.

  1. Increases insulin sensitivity: Amiclear supplement is being heralded as a revolutionary treatment for type 2 diabetes, targeting the underlying cause of the disease which is insulin resistance. Amiclear works by tackling the pancreatic dysfunction, toxins and inflammation that are responsible for this condition. The nutrients in the mix stimulate your body's circulatory system, allowing it to flow more oxygen and nutrition to the brain. As it contains beneficial ingredients like vitamins and minerals, giving diabetics a non-invasive way to take control of their health and wellbeing. Scientifically developed using the latest proven advances in research and technology, Amiclear provides patients with a natural way of managing type 2 diabetes and going down the path of optimal health.
  2. Increases Insulin synthesis: The pancreas is the organ responsible for producing insulin, a hormone so important because it regulates the amount of glucose in the blood. Without it, our cells would not be able to absorb glucose for energy. It's no wonder that most people strive to produce enough insulin, which can be challenging to achieve if certain nutritional requirements are not met. The good news is that Amiclear has been scientifically formulated with key essential minerals and vitamins to ensure consistent insulin production, while simultaneously aiding several other metabolic functions associated with its generation. Taking Amiclear on a daily basis may lead to healthier levels of insulin in the body and help by regulating glucose in the blood without any harm.

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Amiclear Ingredients



Astragalus enhances the immune system while also encouraging anti-aging and anti-inflammatory qualities. In terms of anti-inflammatory characteristics, certain compounds discovered in astragalus are thought to promote sugar metabolism in persons with type 2 diabetes, decreasing blood sugar levels. 

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It belongs to the mint family and grows largely in Australia and Asia. More study is needed to establish that it may increase metabolic function, lipolysis, oxygen transport, and other functions, among others. Coleus, contains forskolin, a substance that may help dilate blood vessels and improve the forcefulness with which the heart pumps blood.

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By lowering the amount of sugar in the blood when the body is fasting, it maintains appropriate blood levels. It is possible that this will improve the functioning of beta cells in the pancreas and in other organs by reducing insulin resistance. This extract strengthens your immune system, making it easier to fend off sickness.

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Guarana is common in most weight reduction formulas. It works by accelerating metabolic fees and helping fat oxidation.It is able to help insulin sensitivity and inhibit fat storage. Guarana can assist in the secretion and characteristics of insulin.A few medical research show that Guarana has antioxidants that may improve immunity and mobile health. It is able to lower inflammatory markers and guide restoration.

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Gymnema sylvestre is a woody climbing shrub native to India, Africa, and Australia's tropical woodlands. Since ancient times, this shrub's leaves have been utilized in Ayurvedic medicine, specifically for diabetes, malaria, and snakebites. This chemical may stabilize blood sugar by lowering the desire for sugar.

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Maca Root

Maca root is a historic herb that supports metabolism and elevates power ranges. Amiclear claims that it endorses the conversion of glucose into power, as a result minimizing high blood sugar tiers. Similarly, it helps the oxidation of fat into glucose, accordingly assisting healthy eight. Maca root can also improve cognition and brain health. Studies show that it may stabilize triglyceride tiers and enhance blood movement.


Grape Seeds

Grape seed extract (GSE) is a solution made from the seeds of wine grapes. In a preliminary trial, type 2 diabetic high-risk cardiovascular participants were examined to see if GSE may enhance specific markers. The researchers showed that giving obese type 2 diabetic individuals 600mg of GSE daily for 4 weeks did indeed assist to reduce oxidative stress, glycaemia, and inflammation.

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African Mango

The African mango is a fruit that has long been utilized medicinally by African tribes. Along with the fruit, the plant's leaves, roots, and bark have also been used to aid with digestion, boost satiety, lower cholesterol, and triglyceride levels, and perhaps improve weight loss.

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Benefits Of Amiclear

Maintain healthy blood glucose levels:

Amiclear Liquid Supplement is an innovative product that incorporates a unique blend of potent ingredients to help maintain healthy blood glucose levels. These powerful ingredients, such as Ginseng, Guarana and astragalus, are carefully selected and combined at precise scientific ratios to create a supplement that is both effective and safe. In addition to the health benefits derived from these natural  ingredients, Amiclear Liquid Supplement also provides individuals with crucial nutrition that is necessary for proper body functioning. 

Controls insulin levels:

Keeping insulin levels balanced can be hard when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, amiclear liquid supplement helps make managing insulin levels easier. A unique blend of natural ingredients derived from plant based supplements, amiclear helps users to regulate their bodies’ responses and maintain steady insulin production. In addition, it is absorbed rapidly and completely water soluble for fast acting results when needed most. 

Assist in weight loss:

Amiclear offers a unique solution to weight loss. It works to ensure that sugar does not accumulate in the body, making it easier to maintain a healthy weight. By removing sugar that may otherwise be stored as fat, Amiclear helps you feel lighter and more energetic, while also improving health by controlling blood sugar levels. This revolutionary product is designed to support your goals of getting fit easily and naturally. Utilizing the power of natural ingredients, Amiclear is an effective aid for those looking to lose unwanted pounds without any danger of side effects.

Healthy immune support:

Amiclear is a great choice for those looking to support their immune system. Its unique blend of natural ingredients helps keep your body in optimal condition and ready to fight off whatever might come your way. The natural ingredients are professionally chosen to provide the highest amounts of vitamins and minerals. Amiclear can help you get back to feeling healthy and energized, so you can make it through any situation with a positive outlook. 

Prevent hunger cravings:

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is an important life goal for many, but it can be difficult to balance both diet and lifestyle. Amiclear is a revolutionary product that helps people meet their weight goals by controlling the appetite and preventing frequent hunger cravings. With a natural, herbal-based formula, Amiclear provides users with safe and effective appetite control when used as directed. Easily add this supplement to your daily routine. Finally take control of your weight goals in a way that fits into the daily grind of your everyday life – now that’s something worth celebrating!

Provides essential nutrition:

The amiclear formula is a powerful tool to help you achieve and maintain optimal health, restoring essential nutrients while cleansing your body of impurities. This cutting-edge formula contains natural, anti-inflammatory ingredients including grape seed extract and maca root to fight off signs of aging and improve overall health. In addition, the supplement consists of high levels of vitamins to give energy levels a major boost. Ultimately, taking the amiclear formula on a regular basis is an easy way to ensure that your body is performing at its best and providing you with the nutrition it needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Amiclear appears to be a safe supplement to use because its proprietary blend comprises several ingredients at very low doses. Thus, the likelihood of adverse effects is very low. However, neither those under the age of 18 nor those who are pregnant, or nursing should use this solution.

Individuals are encouraged to take 2ml (or two full droppers) of the tincture daily, or as recommended by a medical expert.

Results should often become apparent within the first week of taking Amiclear. However, those who really benefit from this formula often use it for little more than six months.

Yes, Amiclear has been protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. This means that if individuals aren’t satisfied by Amiclear’s addition, they can request a refund so long as it is within 60 days from the date of purchase. For more information on the eligibility requirements, we encourage everyone to consult the customer support team by:

Phone: 1 (201) 977 6294

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